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Author: mandmweb


Had to crop fairly hard, but it is really a funny shot in any case -) Delight in! If you want to see a small vid from one particular of my latest scenes be sure to take 2 minutes end enjoy this relaxing small movie. Sense cost-free to like or leave a comment! 2016 – KW 05 – birds Posted by Christian ±π on 2016-01-25 16:40:35...

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Fired on Mars

A person is fired from his work on Mars. Vimeo’s Ideal of the Yr up/The-Top rated-Films-of-2016 Winner Ideal Animation at New York Television set Festival Winner Ideal Script and Viewers Award at Ottawa Worldwide Animation Festival 2016: Featured on Short of The Week: Likes: 2111 Seen: 187086...

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