PENTAX PC35 AF (1982)

This is the very 1st autofocus compact from Pentax. In point, it is the very 1st non SLR from Pentax, an historic product. The digital camera is remarkable in terms of create, with plenty of steel areas, like the doorway, the neat rewind crank flushed into the base of the entire body. The styling is very nice, a type of current Olympus XA, but with an primary condition. Funny that this very layout was transposed into the next product, the PC35 AFM that provides a motor and ruins the layout, getting to be just one of the ugliest all plastic cameras. This is the basic example wherever additional was obviously significantly less.

Anyway, this heavy minor Pentax sporting activities a five element 35 mm lens that can target from 70 cm, not bad. There is a backlight publicity payment and flash is not computerized, thank Pentax! The digital camera is incredibly tranquil, the absence of a motor drive will make it excellent for avenue capturing. Also, the shutter is whisper tranquil and can go from two s to around 1/450, not bad.

It appears to be that no one cares for these forgotten plastic (and steel in this circumstance) beauties, which is a disgrace, some are definitely remarkable.

A video is offered in youtube:

Posted by Paulo J Moreira on 2012-07-01 17:fifty:04